The Golden String

Following the contemplative and prophetic witness of Bede Griffiths


by ashramdiary

Patience is a great virtue, practiced by yogis and monastics, and especially by Dom Bede Griffiths, who was both.

The editor of this site asks pardon for trying the patience of readers, who expected a resource for the life and teachings of Dom Bede. Send prayers, that we may make this site serve your expectations.

Thank you all.

The Golden String now has its own domain

by goldenstring

Dear Friends of Bede Griffiths, Shantivanam, and the Camaldolese Benedictines,

Many of you have been encouraging us to continue the publication of The Golden String as an on-line newsletter. Although we did miss an issue, we are committed to offering this for as long as the Spirit gives us the life and means to do so.

Fr. Bruno Barnhart, of New Camaldoli Hermitage, initiated the publication and has been carrying it forward during these years. Beginning in the summer of 1994, one year after Father Bede’s passing (13 May 1993), The Golden String has been an on-line page of the Bede Griffiths Trust (

Father Bruno has asked me (Thomas Matus) to facilitate the continuance of this newsletter, primarily under the form of a ‘blog’ — an ugly-sounding word, but as it derives from ‘web log’, it rather suggests the log book of a ship at sea that casts abroad its net.

So now you may find the newsletter at, and at this unique internet domain, we shall begin with an issue dating from ‘Spring 2012’ and continuing thereafter with an autumn issue, each containing contributions from Bruno Barnhart, Cyprian Consiglio, John Martin Sahajananda, and others. At the bottom of this page you will find links to the previous issues, as well as to other web sites relating to Bede Griffiths, Shantivanam Ashram, and the Hindu-Christian dialogue.

We welcome your comments, suggestions, constructive advice, and above all, your friendship. Please be patient, as we design a beautiful frame for the articles and open up the site to your interactive participation.

OM, peace,